Up-and-Coming Book Reviews

I have decided to spend my summer reading some books. I am always taking suggestions as far as what books you’d like me to read. The following books I am going to be reading are(not in any particular order):

  • Jesus, Interrupted – a book by leading biblical scholar Bart Ehrman. He reveals the hidden contradictions in the bible, and why we don’t know about them.
  • The Christian Delusion – Each chapter is written by an expert on each subject, and is edited by John Loftus.
  • The God Delusion – Written by Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary scientist. I will attempt to tackle his argument head on after I again read this book.
  • A Better Place: Essays on Desire Utilitarianism – Written by Alonzo Fyfe, the title says it all.

Any suggestion are appreciated.

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2 Responses to Up-and-Coming Book Reviews

  1. Luke says:

    I look forward to the stuff you have coming up! When you read Fyfe’s book, you may find these links helpful:

    • Hey Luke,

      Sorry my response took so long! I guess since you included a link in your post, it put it in my spam queue. So I didn’t check my spam messages until I realized that I had one. I’m still getting the hand of blogging after all.

      As you can see, I got those books from your recommended books section on your blog. I enjoy your blog very much and I thank you for the link. I might not read Fyfe’s book right away, I’m more interested on Erhman’s book at this point. But I’ll keep your link in mind.

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