Can God Change?

In today’s blog, for the sake of the argument I will assume that God exists. God is described as the greatest possible being. Again, this means that nothing is able to be greater than Him in any area. However, can something which is maximally great change? Is God able to change His mind on ethics, or is He not able to because He is already the greatest possible being? I will explore both sides of this debate.

The cons are very clear on their opinion – God is not able to change. They assume that perfection can only have one state. And therefore, God is not able to change his first state. Any form of change will mean that God is no longer perfect. Lets say that I have a perfectly round peach. This peach by definition cannot be changed because it is already perfect.

It is true that God is not able to change for the better, because His opinion is already morally correct. However, this does not mean that He is not able to change. Lets say your house is brown. And you want to change its appearance, you want to paint it red. If you paint it red, has any form of negative or positive change happened here? The short answer is no. This is what we call a neutral change. Which do not improve or detract from the ontology of a perfect being. Therefor, God is still a maximally great being in the end.

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2 Responses to Can God Change?

  1. theologigal says:

    That’s a tough question. The Bible says that the character of God is unchanging; that He is “the same yesterday, today, and forever”. But as far as whether He can change his actions, like changing his mind about an outcome, is highly debated. Interesting post!
    – Amanda

    • Hey, Amanda. Sorry for the long response.

      To put it into perspective, God is not able to change his mind about an outcome. Because, His opinion is already perfect and unchanging. For example, the Christian God believes homosexuality to be immoral. This is a highly debated topic as well. But God’s word is unchanging, and it is logically impossible for Him to change his opinion.

      Hopefully that could put it into perspective for you.

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