Liquid Mountaineering

A few weeks ago, I was shown a video where, I shit you not, people run on water. Of course, I was skeptical at first. But the video is pretty convincing, at least at first glance. You can view the video below.

Now, I have a question. The Youtube video of this is filled with comments on how this is fake. With each person giving their own reasons for why. It puzzled me for a bit, but the more I thought of it, I realized it probably was a hoax. What is more likely, that these men actually discovered the ability to sprint on water? Or that it was a hoax in an attempt to sell shoes? I would say the latter.

I find it odd that millions of people will believe in a man walking on water actually happened. When the only evidence we have of this happening is the bibles word. Whereas people will flock to this video(and others) trying to debunk Liquid Mountaineering. We have video evidence, yet people are still not convinced. Whereas in religion we have scriptural evidence that is thousands of years old. Yet that is good enough? I don’t get this complete double standard for religion. I guess we call it faith for a reason.

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