The Helium and Chewing Gum Experiment

In my last post, I made a point about people doubting before believing. Which is obviously a good thing. But this is mot the case for most people who are religious. After surfing Youtube, this is the case when people make videos that seem impossible. Take this one for example.

Although it looks cool, it only looks half true. They are likely using some sort of thing their mouths can hold onto on the balloon. Because the gum would simply stretch at the bottom. Either way, it’s still pretty cool.

The point of this is to show people that you must always doubt something before believing it. A factor the religious seem to forget. At least, when it comes to their own personal beliefs.

My previous thoughts were while I was watching turned out to be true. At the end of the first video, it shows you how they did it. Apparently with the use of camera editing, and wires. However, it was still extremely well done.

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