Biomedical Ethics: Opposing Viewpoints

The basic foundation of our democracy is the first amendment guarantee of freedom of expression. The Opposing Viewpoints Series is dedicated to the concept of this basic freedom and the idea that it is more important to practice it then to enshrine it.


  • Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: What Ethics Should Guide Biomedical Research?
  1. Biomedical Patents Promote Progress
  2. Biological Patents Affront Human Values
  3. Individuals Own All Rights to Their Body Cells
  4. Scientists Should Be Able to Own Cells They Have Altered
  5. Randomized Human Experimentation Is Essential to Biomedical Research
  6. Randomized Human Experimentation Is Not Essential to Biomedical Research
  • Chapter 2: What Ethics Should Guide Organ Transplants?
  1. The Buying and Selling of Organs Raises Serious Ethical Questions
  2. The Buying and Selling of Organs Saves Lives
  3. More Organs For Transplants Must Be Found
  4. The Search for Organs Is Dehumanizing
  5. Alcoholics Should Have Low Priority for Organ Transplants
  6. Alcoholism Should Not Affect Organ Transplant Priorities
  • Chapter 3: What Ethics Should Guide Fetal Tissue Research?
  1. Fetal Tissue Is Essential to Medical Research
  2. Fetal Tissue Efficacy Has Not Been Proven
  3. Fetal Tissue Research Offers Hope to Disease Victims
  4. Fetal Tissue Research is Immoral
  5. The Use of Fetal Tissue Would Encourage Abortion
  6. The Use of Fetal Tissue Would Not Encourage Abortion
  • Chapter 4: Are Reproductive Technologies Ethical?
  1. Reproductive Technologies Offer Hope to the Childless
  2. Reproductive Technologies Offer False Hope and Serious Risks
  3. Reproductive Technologies Harm Women
  4. Women Want Reproductive Technologies
  5. Surrogate Mothers Contribute a Valuable Service to Society
  6. Society Should Not Condone Surrogate Mothering
  • Chapter 5: Should Animals Be Used in Research?
  1. Animal Research Saves Human Lives
  2. Animal Research Is Unnecessary
  3. Animal Rights Protesters Disrupt Valuable Research
  4. Animal Research Teaches Little
  5. Humans Should Be Allowed to Receive Animal Organ Transplants
  6. Humans Should Not Be Allowed to Receive Animal Organ Transplants
  7. Genetic Research on Animals Will Benefit Humanity
  8. Genetic Research on Animals Oversteps Human Rights
  • Chapter 6: What Ethics Should Guide Genetic Research?
  1. Genetic Research Threatens the Concept of Humanness
  2. Genetic Research Broadens the Understanding of Humanness
  3. Genetic Engineering Should Be Unrestricted
  4. Genetic Engineering Should Be Restricted to Medical Therapy
  5. Genetic Testing Can Aid Those at Risk of Genetic Disease
  6. Genetic Testing Will Lead to Discrimination
  • For Further Discussion
  • Organizations to Contact
  • Bibliography of Books
  • Index

As you can see, this book, along with on the other books in the Opposing Viewpoints Series covers a wide variety of topics. It argues for both sides, and in the end wants you to come up with your own conclusion while reading. I have decided that when I read this book, I will go into it considering both sides so I can arrive at my own conclusion.

I stole this book at my school library, which is ironic since it is a book on ethics. But I permitted my actions by saying that knowledge should be free. I also intend to give this book back when I’m done. The philosophy section at my school is untouched, and they will not notice. Even if they do, they will not know who took it.

You can use this blog post as a directory to different chapters in the books. Each blog post will cover each chapter and all the points it raises. When I finish reading the book, I will offer my opinion on it and if I recommend it. It is a fairly large book, a 250 page book to be exact. So it may take me some time to read it all.

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  1. Shyama Deo says:

    This is the reason I keep returning to this place. I can’t believe I missed so many entries since the last time!

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