I Do Not Care If God Exists

Today, during English class, we were preparing for our final examination. Our teacher gave us a practice test with questions that were similar to that on the test. It was completely optional to do, and you were not marked on it. One of the questions on it mentioned the holiday ‘x-mas’, and a girl who sat in the back told the teacher that she was highly offended by it. What did my teacher do? He decided to offend her more, being the cool guy that he was. He told her that if he explained to her why we have x-mas then she wouldn’t believe in it anymore. She of course stormed out of the class, as a few kids laughed at the comment. But this got me thinking, faith is a big deal for the religious. It grounds their morals, it promises them an eternal after life, and it makes it easier when relatives die. These factors are big, and are not included in atheism. So why are so many atheists, particularly YouTube atheists, so concerned about being wrong?

I am going to make a statement, I do not care if I am wrong. If you can show me that lord Xenu is real, then I would be glad to listen. As ridiculous as it sounds, Scientology is actually good for the world. Although we have good reason to believe that Hubbard created it to profit off of it, this is the case for nearly all religions. The people at the top make money, whereas the people who believe benefit from it as it gives them hope for a better life. If they make the choice to believe something that you disagree with, then who am I to insult them for it? if they want to defend it, then more power to them. Just be prepared with what I have to offer. But most of the time, they won’t listen. If I can show them that they are wrong, they lose everything that they believe in. Depending of course on how invested in their faith they are. However, if you can show me that I am wrong, and that God does exist, then I will gladly admit my error. If God exists, it has no effect on my life. I will probably benefit from it if anything.

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