Homosexuality and Racism

In class a few weeks back, I asked my Christian friend what his opinion of homosexuality was.  He told me three things:

  1. Homosexuality is disgusting
  2. Biologically, it’s a misuse of our organs
  3. It’s not how it ‘ought’ to be

It really angers me when people say these things about other people, much in a way it would anger you(presuming you’re not a racist) about racism. Sure, you can make that argument that race, and sexual desire are two completely different things(they are), but to me, and others, it makes no difference. The only way our society can move forward is if we give everyone, regardless of race, sex, religion, or sexual preference equal rights. If the majority of people were homosexuals, and told you that your faith is immoral then I would in fact be arguing against them and for you.

Now, as for his three points, I would like to look at them all equally. As far as homosexuality being disgusting, I’m not sure if I agree. This includes male/female on male/female intercourse. I for one, enjoy it when two females get together and ‘entertain’ me. But hey, that’s just me. You may find it disgusting, and pathetic that I think that but sexual preference is not something I am able to control. And the sooner you understand that the sooner you will be able to accept homosexuality.

As far as homosexuality being a misuse of our organs, this is a terrible objection. Most people who use it assume that our organs only intended purpose is to procreate. We do however have good reason to believe that our organs are also used for pleasure. Unless you can prove to me that procreation is the only intended purpose of our organs then I will simply reject this argument on the basis of it being false. But, for argument’s sake, lets say I accept this argument. Lets say that our organs only intended purpose is to procreate. This means that not just homosexual intercourse is immoral, but it also means that sex with a condom, oral, anal, or any type of sex without the desire of procreation is considered immoral. So instead, that argument shouldn’t be that homosexuality is a misuse of our organs. It should instead be that sexual contact without the desire to procreate is a misuse of our organs. Else you end up attacking a strawman.

I never thought that homosexuality was not how it ‘ought’ to be. I have never seen anyone bring up a successful defense for this without committing fallacies. Even if I accept this, it does not follow that it is immoral. Not anything is an immoral act. I can bring up thousands of ‘immoral’ acts simply because that is not how it ‘ought’ to be. But they would all be pointless as it doesn’t really follow that the act itself is immoral.

So, in the end, I have no good reason to believe that homosexuality is immoral.

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