Bad, and Good Sources of Information

When you turn on your TV, and look for your favourite political news station, you will often turn on Fox News, The Colbert Report, or Real Time with Bill Maher. All, while informative, are incredibly bias. If you want to learn about politics where you can consider both sides of the spectrum, then shows like these are not for you. This is because news stations like these only tell the viewers what they want to hear. Even if Obama fought off Lucifer, and Hades in an epic battle to the death in Dragonball Z like fashion, Fox News would still have to report on how Obama is ruining America. This is because people will change the channel if they aren’t hearing what they want to hear.

A good idea to get unbiased information on what’s happening in your country is to actually pay attention to what’s happening. Don’t listen to bias news reports, you can read articles online, or watch interviews yourself for your own opinion on our current state. It’s fine if you enjoy watching Fox News, or the Colbert Report for information. But don’t let it sway you to their conclusions. If you can make your own conclusions on issues, then you will find that politics is a lot more interesting.

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