Why Does Your Position Make Sense?

On AIM, I was chatting with a friend. We shot the breeze for a bit, but he wanted to ask me one question. Why am I an atheist? Now, this does seem like a simple question to answer. But when asked abruptly, I really didn’t have a concrete answer. I told him that theism never made sense to me. The idea of living forever and going to heaven just seems absurd to me. I asked the same question, why are you a theist? He told me pretty much the same thing.

I’m not saying that theism is a bad explanation for how our universe came into being, I’m just saying that it doesn’t make sense. There are so many questions that I can ask. I’m sure the theist thinks the same way.

I guess the reason why atheism makes sense to me is because it is the simplest explanation that I have discovered. When I think to myself about how we got here, getting here by pure luck rather than a miracle seems more likely than ‘God did it’, or ‘poof, magic’. This is just my opinion however, some people do in fact accept that poof, magic is a good explanation. I however, am not convinced. And probably never will be. I will always go out of my way to consider your side, but I often never accept it.

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3 Responses to Why Does Your Position Make Sense?

  1. It is written: A woman shall compass a man and create a new thing in the earth (Jer 31:22), the man is Satan(Isa 14:16), the new thing is turning the hearts of the fathers to the children. Satan has deceived the whole world (Rev 12:7), until the heel of time(Gen 3:15).

    • Hey,

      I appreciate the comment, but please don’t advertise on my blog. If that is your intention in the first place, then please do not make it obvious. I edited your post. but the rest is fine.

  2. This a truly great post and may be one that should be followed up to see what are the results

    A good friend e-mailed this link the other day and I will be eagerly anticipating your next page. Keep on on the top class work.

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