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The Helium and Chewing Gum Experiment

In my last post, I made a point about people doubting before believing. Which is obviously a good thing. But this is mot the case for most people who are religious. After surfing Youtube, this is the case when people … Continue reading

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Liquid Mountaineering

A few weeks ago, I was shown a video where, I shit you not, people run on water. Of course, I was skeptical at first. But the video is pretty convincing, at least at first glance. You can view the … Continue reading

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Can God Change?

In today’s blog, for the sake of the argument I will assume that God exists. God is described as the greatest possible being. Again, this means that nothing is able to be greater than Him in any area. However, can … Continue reading

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The Paradox of the Stone and Why it Fails

A friend around 2 years ago first got me interested in ‘pop’ atheistic arguments. Of course, this is one usually employed by laymen. Because people who are unfamiliar with philosophy are often stumped with this easy question. Can God make … Continue reading

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Evolution is ‘Just a Theory’

I laugh in the face of people who use this to dismiss the fact of evolution. I think that they may be confusing this term with the term hypothesis. Theories are structures of ideas that explain and interpret facts. So … Continue reading

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Up-and-Coming Book Reviews

I have decided to spend my summer reading some books. I am always taking suggestions as far as what books you’d like me to read. The following books I am going to be reading are(not in any particular order): Jesus, … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to This Blog

Since I am going to be updating this site, and use it as my main outlet for boredom when summer hits. I decided to make this post to outline what I will be covering in the coming months. Book reviews … Continue reading

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