God is an Asshole

The more I think about God, the more I think He doesn’t care about us. For the sake of argument, I will accept His existence. But what then? It find it highly illogical that God is actually listening to us when we speak to Him. When I say speak to Him, I mean going to church, through prayer, ect. Mostly because prayers are almost never answered. When things go wrong in my life, they tend to get worse. Do I think this would be Gods fault? Of course not, I would just think that He doesn’t give a shit about planet Earth and all who live on it.

Our universe is so vast, and large that it is highly probable other semi-intelligent life forms live on another planet. I don’t believe that anything in this universe is more intelligent than we are, I could of course be wrong, but I have no reason to believe so. However, I do believe in some other form of life in our universe. Perhaps even life that has developed personhood. But that is a questionable assumption. I actually believe that it is more likely that other intelligent life exists if you are theistic. Because it gives me more reason to believe God does not care about our existence. Why else would he make the universe so big? Our species will eventually go extinct, and never be able to explore all of the stars. So the only logical explanation is that other intelligent life that can rationalize that God exists lives somewhere in this desolate universe.

Chances are is that he doesn’t care about them either. Why should he? Intelligent life only spells disaster for planets. It is because of us why our world is in its current state. Our planet would be far better off without us, that’s for damn sure. So why keep us around? God must have a reason for keeping us around, either that or he forgot about us. I’m sure He has more important things on his mind than humanity.

Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe he does attend to our needs, and really does listen when we speak to him. This would be great, but also hard to believe. Seeing as how millions, upon millions of prayers go seemingly unheard. I have jokingly asked God for assistance when I am in need of help. It does seem silly as I know that no one is listening. I cannot recall when asking for something, it actually comes true.

I guess the point of this blog was to vent my frustration that if God exists, He is an asshole. That is undeniable.

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