Is the Bible Correct About Homosexuality? – Part 2

In my previous blog post on this subject, I explored why Christians view it to be immoral. But are they correct about it? I usually don’t like writing from the Christian perspective, because of how nonsensical it seems to me. But if I want to expand on my philosophical knowledge, and how other people think, it is a must. Not only for me, but also for the readers of this blog.

Marriage was viewed very differently at the time the Bible was written. It was viewed as very ‘business like’. Lets make a brief example: assume for a moment that you own a farm in the first century. You have a young, 22-year-old daughter who is not married, and is still a virgin. Now assume that your neighbours, who are also farmers, have a son around the same age(or much older). In order for you to own both lands, you would force your daughter to marry this stranger.

You cannot hold the morals of when the bible was written to the morals of today. There are of course examples of actual love based marriages, but not as much as their should be. And holding Homosexuality to the same morals as when the Bible was written is simply not fair. And two men who love each other should have the right to marry, and have sex in a perfectly loving relationship(under the Christian view).

It is stated in the Bible many times that God is perfectly loving. A perfectly loving God would not condemn Homosexuality, He would want both men to be happy. Saying otherwise is almost a contradiction to the nature of God, and almost makes no sense to agree with. Most Christians I meet don’t really have any good reasons to condemn Homosexuality, other than it says so in the Bible. Some pull different ‘arguments’ out of their ass. But using an argument that you don’t base your belief on is not exactly good either.

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