News Bitz #1

Haven’t done one of these yet! Keep in mind that these may not always be about philosophy or anything, just a few things I find interesting around the web.

1 – We’re screwed: robot teaches itself to fire a bow and arrow.

2 – Over 120 retired military personnel claim Aliens are monitoring our nukes.

3 – Scientists make a small cloning advancement.

4 – Survey shows Americans know little about religion.

5 – Andy Whitfield, star of Spartacus, has been re-diagnosed with cancer(he had it earlier in the year but went into remission quickly) and will not be returning for the second season.

6 – I will be updating the about section later this week, as well as write in the four cosmological arguments. I will also continue my series on The Problem of Evil, and respond to Ryft from The Aristophrenium. Sorry I have not responded to your email correspondence in some time! But I lost the password for my email(recently regained it), and instead of continuing our discussion I figured I would just make a new blog post on it.

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