Consider Atheism is a blog ran by 21 year old John S. He is the lead(and only) blogger at Consider Atheism. His main interests pertain in philosophy and politics.

What prompted you to start this blog?

Last summer(2009) I ran into someone on another forum. He was a known theist, and made a thread concerning scientism. He stated that science was not the only way to know the truth, and for the sake of arguing with him I disagreed. Sadly to say, I did not even know what the word philosophy meant and I decided to study it. I have since admitted my mistake with scientism(although I never really believed in it), and now study philosophy as a hobby. I always thought I made good points, and I have a lot of stuff on my mind.

How good of a philosopher would you consider yourself?

Hah! I don’t even consider myself one. Let alone a good one! Yeah, yeah I study it as a hobby. But often, I can’t convey my points like most people. I consider myself an excellent public speaker, but not so good online. I still have many topics I am not aware even exist. And I hope through the help of this blog, I can learn even more.

What do you hope to offer with this blog?

Hopefully knowledge, and humour. As you can see from my spelling of humour, I am from Canada. So my knowledge in politics isn’t exactly anything other than Canadian parliament. I however will probably read up on American politics, and listen to both conservative and liberal agendas.

Why is this blog called ‘Consider Atheism’?

Nearly every person I meet that believes in God does not like to even consider the possibility that their position is false. I invite everyone who visits this blog to consider their faith, and what they believe. I promise to do the same.

Anything you’d like to say?

You can email me at consideratheism@live.com. Any suggestions to this blog are of course appreciated. That doesn’t just include blog posts. It also includes improvements to the blog.


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