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The Moral Appeal of Theism and Its Simplicity

During my discussions with theists, I usually find that they try to sway me with ethics. They ask me questions that try to play with my emotions, and they often do. I know the routine responses to these questions, and … Continue reading

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You’re a Fucking Human Being – Joe Rogan and Daft Punk

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Why Does it Matter?

Recently, I was showing a few of my friends my blog and they asked me why I made one. They are devout Christians, and likely took offense to me showing them. I wasn’t sure why, but then I thought about … Continue reading

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The Problem of Evil Examined

In my previous post on this subject, I conveyed two points. God cannot create evil since God creating evil would be considered a logical contradiction. I then stated that God does create evil(assuming He exists). Either God is doing the … Continue reading

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Argument From Nonbelief

I have been experimenting with this argument on forums for a while now, but I have yet to use it in a formal debate. Seeing as I am not totally convinced by it. Something about it just doesn’t sit right … Continue reading

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Why Does Your Position Make Sense?

On AIM, I was chatting with a friend. We shot the breeze for a bit, but he wanted to ask me one question. Why am I an atheist? Now, this does seem like a simple question to answer. But when … Continue reading

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I Do Not Care If God Exists

Today, during English class, we were preparing for our final examination. Our teacher gave us a practice test with questions that were similar to that on the test. It was completely optional to do, and you were not marked on … Continue reading

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