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A Question to Alonzo Fyfe

After reading about desirism, and discussing it with a few people. I am afraid I am not convinced it is a true moral theory. So to have the question I have answered, I emailed Alonzo Fyfe himself. Hello, Recently, I … Continue reading

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The Problem of Evil Examined

In my previous post on this subject, I conveyed two points. God cannot create evil since God creating evil would be considered a logical contradiction. I then stated that God does create evil(assuming He exists). Either God is doing the … Continue reading

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Is the Bible Correct About Homosexuality? – Part 1

Recently, it has come to my attention that if you are a Christian you must view Homosexuality to be immoral under the grounds of biblical law. Leviticus 18:22 is the main reason for this condemnation of Homosexuality. This however does … Continue reading

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Tim H vs Venomous Pen(VP) – A Debate on Homosexual Behaviour

Tim of Rational Thoughts has been challenged on the 15th of June by a good friend of mine, VP. They are debating whether or not homosexual behaviour is immoral. I am not able to vote, but it is a good … Continue reading

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