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Pascal’s Wager – Does it Succeed?

I visit many different forums that have many different discussions. Most of these forums has an “off-topic” section where people discuss things that are not related to what the forum is for. Now, I don’t consider myself an expert in … Continue reading

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The Moral Appeal of Theism and Its Simplicity

During my discussions with theists, I usually find that they try to sway me with ethics. They ask me questions that try to play with my emotions, and they often do. I know the routine responses to these questions, and … Continue reading

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You’re a Fucking Human Being – Joe Rogan and Daft Punk

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Why Does it Matter?

Recently, I was showing a few of my friends my blog and they asked me why I made one. They are devout Christians, and likely took offense to me showing them. I wasn’t sure why, but then I thought about … Continue reading

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Is the Bible Correct About Homosexuality? – Part 2

In my previous blog post on this subject, I explored why Christians view it to be immoral. But are they correct about it? I usually don’t like writing from the Christian perspective, because of how nonsensical it seems to me. … Continue reading

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Jesus as a Myth

For popular historians, Jesus as a myth is not taken very seriously. We have more evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ then almost any other historical figure from the time period. It is important to note that the arguments … Continue reading

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Why Does Your Position Make Sense?

On AIM, I was chatting with a friend. We shot the breeze for a bit, but he wanted to ask me one question. Why am I an atheist? Now, this does seem like a simple question to answer. But when … Continue reading

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