Consider This

In this blog, as I have stated before. The motto of it is for you, whether you are a theist of atheist, is to always consider the other side of things. The first things I would like you to consider is:

  • Why do an OVERWHELMING amount of philosophers and scientists believe in atheism?
  • Why does the Bible condone sex-slavery and genocide?
  • Why would a super-intelligent God seem unable to communicate his will without confusing millions of devout followers?
  • Why are the gospel accounts of Jesus death and resurrection in disagreement about what actually happened?
  • Why did Jesus tell people he would come again “in this generation” if it would be thousands of years later?
  • Why do you only accept your God and not other ones?
  • Why are you satisfied with how we got here being ‘poof, magic’?

When you try to answer these questions as a theist, you come up with crazy conclusions which I’m not even sure you believe. However, when you leave an open mind, the answer becomes fairly obvious. Just try it, and see what answers you’ll come up with. Chances are they become easier to answer. And the answers are all the same. That theism is nonsensical.

Hopefully you can consider atheism, and, as I do every day, I will consider your position. If you have a question about something, then feel free to leave a comment. I respond to every serious question.


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